All of our Meltblown booms are non-linting and are sock-and-net constructed to ensure that all particulate stays safely inside the boom. Each universal oil absorbent boom comes complete with end rings, snaps and a sturdy rope running its length. They contain high-quality, all-synthetic, high-absorbency fill blended with a floatation agent. Our tests indicate that this agent makes the fibers more porous allowing them to absorb 10% more oil than regular booms. Our bilge booms are designed for us in bilge and sump situations.

Oil Only

Linkable booms are used to contain and absorb spills on or off water. The built-in stainless steel connectors link booms together to cover large areas of water. Booms are encased with a lint free poly sock that prevents shedding.


Ideal for responding to spills with unknown liquids. These booms will absorb virtually all acid and base liquids. These products are quickly deployed and recovered in hazardous spill applications.

Product Details